How to care for your products

Here are a few guidelines to help care for your artisan pieces.

Care Tip 1: Lengisa and Sizila Baskets

Sisal is famous for being an extremely strong and hardy material; it is resilient even to salt water!

However, care should be taken when exposing your basket to full sunlight, since this will cause the colours to fade. Whilst a splash of water will not harm these baskets, drying your basket out if it is made wet is recommended

Sisal is a natural product, and if it remains damp for a long period it can go mouldy. If you use your basket as a plant pot therefore, lining it with a water proof bag is recommended

Care Tip 2: Cushion Covers

Treat your fabric like a 100% premium cotton shirt!

Machine Wash in cold water - Do not bleach - Machine dry on low heat - Warm iron